President’s Update 11/13/23

First, my apologies for the extensive delay in writing this update to members. I’d say I’ve been busy having finished my doctorate and immediately starting a new position at the Office of Archaeological Studies, but being busy is an easy excuse that many find comfort in. I am still as active as I can beContinue reading “President’s Update 11/13/23”

ASNM Rock Art Council

Hi everyone, just a brief update that the ASNM Rock Art Council webpage (Rock Art Council – Archaeological Society of New Mexico ( is now active with relevant documentation, background information, forms, and examples of how to record rock art (or rock imagery!) in accordance with ARMS and ASNM training. For those about to engageContinue reading “ASNM Rock Art Council”

ASNM Publications and Other Changes

Hi everyone, I just reorganized how the ASNM lists their publications online. Instead of automatically bringing viewers to the listing of Annual Volumes with a sublink to how to purchase volumes, we now start with an overview of ASNM publications and how to purchase them. There are two separate links to the Annual Volumes andContinue reading “ASNM Publications and Other Changes”