President’s Update 11/13/23

First, my apologies for the extensive delay in writing this update to members. I’d say I’ve been busy having finished my doctorate and immediately starting a new position at the Office of Archaeological Studies, but being busy is an easy excuse that many find comfort in. I am still as active as I can be in our Affiliate Societies, being a member of nearly all of them and attending talks when convenient at the monthly Albuquerque Archaeological Society, Friends of Tijeras Pueblo, and occasionally Torrance County Archaeological Society meetings. I will strive to attend a few others further afield if in the area conducting fieldwork.

We are moving forward into 2024 very strong, with membership renewals for the new year already started and more forthcoming. If you haven’t already, please considering renewing! The next annual volume is in honor of John Roney–someone I had the tremendous privilege to spend several weeks conducting survey with on contract with Emily Brown. The pay was good, the archaeological great, and the time and conversations with John truly treasured. We are thrilled to recognize a past ASNM President, a long-term federal partner in archaeological research and preservation in New Mexico, and a first-rate scholar whose contributions span the American Southwest/Mexican Northwest border.

Second, the Board is actively discussing several changes in membership categories to bring back student and life memberships and will hopefully vote shortly in support of these changes and announce them in the New Year. Third, we are also discussing adding a new scholarship line to support early-career stage professionals and avocationals research efforts. We hope to also present such details at the Annual Meeting in May. We are also continuing to revise, update, and, in some cases, propose and vote on Standard Operating Procedures for the ASNM as a whole and each Committee–something many of us on the Board note have been woefully out of date. Perhaps not the most interesting task, but one that I think we all recognize will be useful to future Trustees and Officers.

Finally, ASNM has a social media presence! Shelley Thompson and Joaquin Montoya have taken on the responsibility to establish a Facebook and Instagram page and you can email them content to post. As ASNM seeks to become more active in the community, I ask that Affiliate Societies and archaeologists conducting fieldwork, research, or presenting let them know what you are up to so that we can highlight active archaeology in this Land of Enchantment. Also, those who conducted projects in the past should also consider a ‘throwback Thursday’ posting–as archaeology moves us further out of expensive excavation, we are increasingly joining our historian brethren in archival and collections-based research.

I look forward to hearing from you all over the coming months and especially seeing you in Las Vegas, NM at the 2024 ASNM Annual Meeting hosted by the Site Steward Foundation! Please do not hesitate to contact us at or myself if you have any questions or ideas to move us forward while also respecting the long path the ASNM has gone since its initiation by Hewett. Also, if you are potentially interested in applying to be a Trustee of the Board, email your Affiliate President or Joaquin Montoya, Chair of the 2023-2024 Nominations Committee.

Best regards,

Thatcher Seltzer-Rogers, President

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