Archaeological Society of New Mexico

Welcome to the ASNM

We are a statewide organization dedicated to the protection of archaeological resources and education of the public regarding the archaeological record.

This year’s ASNM Annual Meeting is May 5-7 and hosted by the Jornada Research Institute in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Details available here:

Who are We?

For over 100 years, Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM) members have encouraged study and preservation of New Mexico’s multicultural heritage through their efforts and activities. The roots of ASNM begin in the late 1800s, when a number of individuals, most of whom were not trained in archaeology or anthropology, recognized the need to preserve New Mexico’s historic and prehistoric heritage. Over the years, their efforts have resulted in avocational archaeologists working with professionals to discuss topics of interest, to search for sites, to record their locations, to participate in excavation, analysis, and report writing, and undefined most importantly undefined to preserve these important cultural resources. The Archaeological Society of New Mexico began informally when several individuals started meeting with Edgar L. Hewett in 1898. Some were already members of the New Mexico Historical Society, founded by L. Bradford Prince in 1883. Even before New Mexico became a state, there was a nucleus of leaders who in 1900 established the Santa Fe Archaeological Society. Shortly thereafter, recognizing that their interests extended beyond the local level, they began thinking of themselves as a statewide organization and in 1909 legally changed the name to the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. Today, the ASNM continues to support many initiatives, holds an annual conference, publishes an annual honoree volume and the occasional special publication, and acts to preserve archaeological record in New Mexico and publicize the value of doing so. The ASNM is a member of the Society for American Archaeology’s Council of Allied Societies.

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