ASNM Special Publications

ASNM has produced seven significant Special Publications reporting on the results of excavations conducted by the ASNM or significant members, as well as reproducing key publications in New Mexico archaeology with expert commentary as to the significance of such pieces. ASNM Special Publications Nos. 1-3 are out of print and are available as free PDFs below, courtesy of the ASNM. ASNM Special Publications Nos. 4-7 are available for purchase. A list of the seven Special Publications is provided below as is an Excel spreadsheet listing the individual contributions found within the Special Publications. Volumes are available for purchase here.

4-Mathien, Frances Joan 2010 The Casamero Community in the Red Mesa Valley of Northwestern New Mexico.

5-Brown, Emily J., Regge N. Wiseman, and Rory P. Gauthier 2014 Since Mera: The Original Eleven Bulletins with Essays and Opinions Derived from Recent Research.

6-Wiseman, Regge N. 2017 Giusewa: Laurens C. Hammack’s 1965 Excavations for the Visitor Center Water Line at Jemez Historic Site, Sandoval County, New Mexico.

7-Bice, Richard A., and Phyllis S. Davis, edited by Frances Joan Mathien 2020 The Vidal Site: An Isolated Great Kiva in Heaton Canyon Near Gallup, New Mexico.