The ASNM-L listserv is a simple method to share information with members and to learn about ASNM activities. A listserv a system in which individual emails are sent to a central computer. The central computer then forwards the message to all members of the listserv. The result is the same as if you had sent the email to everyone on the listserv individually. You do not need to worry about viruses or security problems. All messages forwarded by the listserv are exactly like any individual emails you receive now.

To subscribe to the ASNM-L

Send a message To:

Leave the Subject field blank.

In the body of message type (with no other text):  

              subscribe ASNM-L YourFirstname YourLastname

It couldn’t be more simple.

In the event you have problems please email me.

An Important Note about using REPLY and REPLY-ALL

This list is set so that a REPLY is to the message sender and a REPLY-All is to both the list and the message sender. This approach allows a private reply if you don’t wish the entire list to see your reply. Using the REPLY-ALL furthers the discussion.