ASNM Annual Volume Publications

The ASNM has produced nearly 50 annual volumes in honor of individuals who have significantly contributed to the understanding, protection, and public education of the archaeological record of New Mexico and to the continuation of the ASNM and local affiliates. The ASNM is proud to offer the majority of these for public download to demonstrate our commitment to educating the public and furthering researchers. The most recent five years of ASNM annual volumes are available to current ASNM members. For access, please contact us or the Chair Editor, Emily Brown. Additional Editors of the Annual Volume include Matthew Barbour and Jeffrey Boyer. A list of all papers published as part of the ASNM annual series is available. Volumes are available for purchase here, and if seeking a volume not listed, please email us at and we will create an invoice for you.

45-Brown.EJ et al 2019 ASNM Collected Papers Scholar of the City Different: Papers in Honor of Cordelia Thomas Snow

46-Brown.EJ et al 2020 ASNM Collected Papers A Lifelong Journey: Papers in Honor of Michael P. Marshall

47-Brown.EJ et al 2021 ASNM Collected Papers A Friend of Kuaua: Papers in Honor of James Conder

48-Brown.EJ et al 2022 ASNM Collected Papers Stewards of the Forest: Papers in Honor of J. Michael Bremer & Anne R. Baldwin

49-Brown.EJ et al 2023 ASNM Collected Papers Documenting the Dinétah: Papers in Honor of James M. Copeland