Annual Papers Nominating Honoree, Chair: Hayward Franklin

The Annual Papers Nominating Honoree Committee seeks nominations and recommends to the Trustees the person(s) who should be honored in the Annual Papers volume. The Honoree is selected at the Spring Board meeting and is notified the following Monday. If you know of someone who should be honored, please notify the committee chair of your nomination and provide a brief biography and justification for why you believe they should be the Honoree by December 31 of the current year. Your society president has the notice and the nomination guidelines.

Richard A. Bice Archaeology Achievement Award, Chair: Jan Biella

This committee solicits candidates for Richard A. Bice Archaeology Achievement Award from general membership through Affiliate Societies, reviews applicants, recommends qualified candidate(s) to Trustees; arranges for award plaque/certificate; and participates in award presentation.

Internal Financial Review, Chair: John Hayden

The Internal Financial Review Committee normally meets once a year in January to review the Treasurer’s records. The committee compares the Treasurer’s accounting records to receipts and expenses in order to ensure that they are current and accurate. This committee advises the Treasurer in developing a budget for the upcoming year based the Society’ assets, cash flow, and previous years expenditures.

Certification Council, Co-Chairs: David Kirkpatrick and Roger Moore

The Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM) sponsors a certification program for avocational archaeologists, open to members of ASNM and affiliated member Societies. The purpose of the program is two-fold. It is a means whereby a person interested in archaeology, but not academically trained as a professional, can receive formal training. It also will be a means whereby the field of archaeology can benefit from a body of concerned and knowledgeable people who are in a position to perform a real service toward achieving the goals of preserving the past for the future.

Certification Council members are Dave Kirkpatrick (Co-Chair), Roger Moore (Co-Chair), David Greenwald, John Hayden, Doris Morgan, and Nancy Woodworth

History, Chair: Nancy Woodworth

The History Committee maintains the society’s permanent files by collecting, organizing, and filing information relating to the history of the society and its affiliated local societies, with a view to making this information available through publication. Deposits ASNM files in the Society’s permanent file at the Laboratory of Anthropology when appropriate.

La Jornada, Editor: Helen Crotty

The newsletter editor compiles the quarterly newsletter of the society, La Jornada. La Jornada includes archaeology news and announcements of interest to society members, notes from the Board meetings, and information about the Annual Meeting. Submissions of news and announcements of events from members are welcome. Submissions can be emailed to or snail-mailed to:

Archaeological Society of New Mexico
La Jornada Editor
P.O. Box 3485
Albuquerque, NM 87190-3485

Membership: Shelley Thompson, Gary Newgent, Joaquín Montoya, and Earlene Shroyer

Nominations, Chair: To be announced. Members: David Greenwald.

A Nominations Committee consists of the Chair and two Society members, whom the President appoints, and who nominate individuals for election to the Board of Trustees. Call for nominations are announced in the fall La Jornada Newsletter. Members of all affiliate societies are encouraged to submit names to the Chairman by January 31st prior to the winter meeting. A slate of six (6) candidates, along with a short, written background, is presented to the Board of Trustees at the winter meeting. The names of the nominees, along with their paragraphs, are published in the March La Jornada. The Ballot listing all six (6) names is also published in the March La Jornada. Members vote for four (4) candidates out of the six (6) names submitted. The candidates receiving the most votes will serve on the Board to fill each vacancy. The candidates receiving the least votes will serve as alternates. The new Trustees will serve a term of three (3) years. The Alternates will serve a term for one (1) year and will fill any Board vacancy should a Trustee resign.

Publications, Chair: Emily Brown

Every year, the ASNM publishes a full-length volume of contributed papers in honor of an individual or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the archaeology of the Southwest. The Publications Commitee is responsible for the task of soliciting and editing the papers, preparing the books for publication, and oversees the production and distribution of other publications by the ASNM, including La Jornada. The Publications Committee is composed of a Chair and two members, and Board appointed editors, the Executive Secretary, and at least one Board appointed ex-Officio Trustee as ex-Officio members.

Editors (and members):  Emily Brown (Lead Editor), Matt Barbour, Jeffrey Boyer, and Cordelia Snow


Before submitting a paper, please contact Emily Brown by email, Manuscripts are accepted entirely at the discretion of the publications committee. Manuscripts accepted for publication must conform to the author guidelines. No remuneration is given for manuscripts.

Publications, Special Volumes, Chair: Dave Kirkpatrick with members Thatcher Seltzer-Rogers and Heather Seltzer-Rogers

The Special Publication series was established to publish manuscripts and reports of historical importance or significant contributions to the study of Southwestern archaeology and anthropology. Nominations are reviewed by the Special Publication editor and the final selection is made by the Board of Trustees. Special Publication volumes are not published on a yearly schedule. Please contact the Special Publication editor if you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration.

Rock Art Council, Chair: Gretchen Obenauf

This committee was established to guide the rock art recording community in New Mexico.

Scholarship, Chair: Gary Newgent

ASNM offers a scholarship to full-time students attending one of the following academic institutions:

  • Eastern New Mexico University,
  • Highlands University,
  • New Mexico State University, and
  • University of New Mexico

Applicants are limited to junior and senior undergraduate, master’s degree, and PhD students in any of the fields covered by the term “anthropology.” Students demonstrating a financial need and an anthropological thesis or approved project relevant to the greater southwest are considered.

Members of the Scholarship Committee are Gary Newgent (Chair), David Kirkpatrick, Joan Mathien, and Doris Morgan.

Webmaster:  Thatcher Seltzer-Rogers